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About Us

Shadowworks is an independent computer graphics studio. We provide top-quality services for the game development industry, motorsports, architecture and product marketing. Our team consists of passionate professionals from several countries around the world who pursue perfection in every challenge accepted. The video-game industry is one of the biggest and most profitable. Shadowworks delivers world-class content on demand. Our spectrum of services includes 3d modeling and texturing work according to client specifications, - 3d modeling LODs (Level of Detail) that are ready to be used at any game engine, - Professional game mods for the most well-known racing simulators such has rFactor, rFactor2, GTR2, Asseto Corsa, - Rendering and post-production of vehicles for product marketing. -Architectural modeling and rendering for presentations. - Custom livery design and rendering for motorsports.


Here's who we are

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Dimitris Gkikas

Architect MArch
Dimitris Gkikas MArch, studied architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, National Technical University of Athens and practiced as an architect in Croatia, Cyprus and Greece.
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Paris Kritikos (Shadow Explorer)

Automotive Artist, CG Generalist, graphic designer.
Paris Studied Applied Arts at Ornerakis School of Applied Arts in Athens. Then he decided to spice things up and use the 3rd dimension for his artworks. He also plays the guitar, writes and likes training/running…
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Paulo Matias (GutZ)

Automotive Artist, CG Generalist.
Portuguese self-learner artist with a passion for videogame graphic development, automotive industry and racing motorsports, with 8 years of experience in CG industry!
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Mystery mecha guy!
A mystery guy, he hides inside your car and secretly tinkers with it!

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