Ordinary Story

Ordiordinary story poster_post_IIInary Story is a not so ordinary fantasy story project, I've been crafting through the years! The story takes place in an alternative version of planet Earth and its characters are based on friends of mine! It started somewhere back in 2003, when I took some character doodles, created while I was bored during classes, started connecting them to craft a story around them. Slowly but steadily the story formed into what it is today, and it became a part of my life! Three years later, I studied applied arts in Ornerakis school of applied arts! Thus I would be able to create the Graphics for it. During my time there, my interest in 3d graphics has grown and in my final year I began to learn how to use 3d graphics creation suites on my own. To this day this project fuels my passion for creating models! I'm working hard to ensure that one day I will see it complete! For now I'm enjoying the journey!!!